Ringkasan materi bahasa inggris kelas XI semester 2

1.  Expressing of love is defined as strong liking or affection. This expressing for parents, friends, things, someone special, etc.
2.  Narrative. The purpose is entertain the readers. Generic structure’s narrative are orientation, complication, dan resolution. Use simple past tense. Use choronological order examples once upon at time, last night, etc.
3.  Simple past tense
4.  Past continous
When……(S+V2)…, (S+was/were+Ving)
5.  Folktales is a story or legend forming part of an oral tradition. Folktales passed on by word of mouth rather than by writing. Folktales usually relate to culture, primitive, and complex societies. Kinds of folktales are legend, fables, creatures, etc.
6.  Expressing embarrassment(malu). The familiar words of this expressing are embarrassed, ashamed, shameful, etc.
7.  Spoof is a funny story from experience someone, spoof is to retell an event with a humous twist. Generic structure of spoof are orientation, events, and twist. The purpose is to share an account of an unusual or amusing incidents.
8.  Adverbs is a word that gives information about when, where, how something happened. Kind of adverbs are time, manner, and place. Two position about adverbs, there are MPT(manner, place, time), and PMT(place, manner, time).
9.  Past perfect tense
a.  Before+simple past+past perfect
b.  Past perfect+before+simple past
c.   After+past perfect+simple past
d.  When+past perfect+simple past
e.   As soon as+past perfect+simple past
f.   If+past perfect+s+would have+V3
10.   Pamphlet is a single sheet of paper to giving information, advertise, promotion.
11.   Expressing opinion (I think, in my opinion, I believe…)
12.   Expressing reaction (that’s really good news, how horrible!....)
13.   Expressing comments (to be honest, I know,….)
14.   Expressing right or wrong (that’s right, true, exactly, definitely, etc)
15.   Expressing like or dislike (great, I like, interesting,….)
16.   Expressing fright (I’m scare, it make me scare,….)
17.   Expressing attention (oh really? Are you sure?....)
18.   Modals are helping verbs that express a certain meaning in a sentence.
a.  Will (future activity, determination, invitation)
b.  Can (ability, permission)
c.   May (possibility, permission)
d.  Must (certainty(kepastian), obligation(harus)
e.   Should and ought to (probability, obligation)
19.   Hortatory exposition
The purpose is to persuade the readers that something should or should not be the case. Generic structure this text are thesis, argument, and recommendation. Use simple present tense.
20.   Banner is a long strip with message on it. The purpose are advertisement, announcement, influence people’s opinion.
21.   Expressing sadness(sedih)
22.   Participles adj (ing or ed)
Ing adj are used to describe the effect that something has on people’s feeling.
Ed adj are used to describe people’s feeling.
23.   Gerund is a noun made out of a verb (V1+ing)
a.  As a subject
b.  As a object
c.   The verb go
d.  As a verb after prepositions
e.   As a verb after possessive adj
f.   After no
g.  Gerund in compound words (a swimming pool)
h.  After certain words : no use, to be worth, to be busy, can’t help, to be used to, get used to)
24.   To invinitive is a verb in the present form V1 following by to.
25.   Unforgettable experience is on experience which we cannot forget.
26.   Label to show a product. Function : product identification, advertising, warning, name tags. Kinds : stikers, label dispenser, product label, package label, mailing label.
27.   Expressing anger and annoyance
28.   Poster. The purposes are commercial announcement, propaganda, and slogan.
29.   Topic sentence is a complete sentence that contains a subject, a verb, and usually a complement
30.   Speech(pidato) is a way of speaking to audience.
The purposes are argumentative, informative, celebrating, and entertaining. The structures are greeting, self introduction, preface, argumentation, and conclusion.

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